Thursday, November 26

The Luxurious Westin Grande in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

A Throwback Thursday blog post

There are times when you must budget when traveling because you don't want to break the bank. Other times, however, you will require nothing short of comfort and ease. Once you get a little bit older, you will want to graduate from the backpacking trails for a much more luxurious experience. The Flow Tribe wanted just that for the Bangkok leg of this year's #FlowThailand retreat.

Read our top 5 reasons why you should book The Westin Grande in Sukhumvit for your next trip to Bangkok:

 1. The Heavenly Bed: Yes, the name says it all. After many hours in transit, you expect a firm mattress with soft beddings and tons of orthopedic pillows. Warning you that you might not want to leave this bed paradise. It's really difficult to peel away from each morning for breakfast! Which brings us to our next important reason...

2. Superfoods Breakfast Buffet:  You read that right! Finally, a hotel that serves superfoods for breakfast! Westin takes pride in their wide selection of healthy eats- from gluten free breads, to wheat grass shots, honey and yogurt to pair with local fruit choices.  You can definitely binge without the guilt!

3. The Bathroom: Need we explain? It's the second best thing that matters next to the bed in a hotel room, of course! Westin has a spacious bath and shower that resembles the retro chic era which we totally love! 

4. Location: Being in Bangkok, you would want to choose to stay in a hotel that conveniently is located close to all the shopping sites and recommended eats. Westin Grande is connected to the BTS Skytrain for easy access to key places.

5. Work Out: Forgot your work out gear? Fret no more! Westin offers New Balance rubber shoes and work out clothing rental to their guests for a minimal fee. We at Flow think this idea is superb for travelers not wanting the bulk of bringing work out gear to their destination. There are also complimentary fitness classes each day for their in-house guests. Read up more on their fabulous service here.

259 Sukhumvit Road, BangkokThailand  
Phone: (66)(2) 207 8000

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