Sunday, October 11

What Went On: Flow Mystery Tour, October 10

I get particularly excited when I guide a Mystery Tour. It's because I get to have people tag along with me on mind, body and soul expanding activities that my husband would usually leave me to do on my own :P (But I am grateful that he stays behind with the kids whenever I do!)

So, here's what went on during the last Flow Mystery Tour :)

We started with a bang by awarding the first 5 who paid for their slots 1,000php Aura Athletica gift certificates. Thank you, Ria for their shopping credits!

Flow Mystery Tour at Aura Athletica

And off we went! Note that they had absolutely NO CLUE on what was in store for them..

And suddenly they found themselves power yoga-ing amidst lingerie?! We merged energies with the awesome peeps of Yoga+ for their collaboration with Aerie of American Eagle. 

They munched on healthy snacks from Take Root

And hydrated naturally with The Juice Barista's Watermelon, Tomato and Lemon water after class

Each participant got cool loot from American Eagle outfitters, too!

I did a short talk on the importance of EARTHING in the middle of Bonifacio Global City's High Street! Yes, I asked them to removed shoes and connect with Mother Earth <3

Then we were suddenly transported to Cupcakes by Sonja for a mindfulness eating segment.

How do you eat a Crupcake mindfully? Hmmm.....

After satisfying our taste buds, off we went to visit Beyond Yoga's newest Serendra branch for free trial passes. Yay!

Flow Mystery Tour in Beyond Yoga Serendra

And then suddenly we found ourselves in another Universe with this awesome Kirtan band, Omniverse!

Flow Mystery Tour Kirtan Omniverse

But before that festive activity, I lead a deeply nourishing Yin Yoga session with DoTerra therapeutic grade pure essential oils. Vicky Yang of @doterratherapy also gave a short lecture on the importance of EOs (essential oils) in our lives.

See, babies and kids are always welcome at Flow!

Prashad Makitalo had a short lecture of a life of Yoga. See how little kids can also be absorbing the spiritual knowledge from adults when you live a life of authenticity :)

Here are the kirtan cards for the night.

Thank you to Healthy Monsters for providing organic salad starters for the evening! A meal is definitely NOT complete without salad. 

Hungry people digging in to a delicious vegetarian feast! Some of the participants were not even vegetarian but greatly enjoyed dinner.

Thank you to all who participated in the Flow Mystery Tour! You guys rock!

Sign up for succeeding tour dates in November and December at

Limited slots only so please register ahead! See you again soon for more adventures of my kind!


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