Friday, May 9

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up!

Time to spoil our mums for all that they've done for us.

Here's a handy gift guide curated by the Flow girls, who all happen to be yummy mums as well. This must have list has been approved by Denise, Noelle and Monica!

1. Granola Girl - Every mom has their frantic days when preparing for their children's school and family's breakfast. Why not make it easy for her? Granola girl is our fave breakfast choice because not only is it easy to prepare (just add yoghurt fruit or nut milk!) but it is also very nutritious And YUMMY!

2. Moringana Teas (set of 2) - We mums need our sacred time out moments and what better way to do so is with these herbal teas infused with our beloved miracle green Malunggay! So good for nursing and pregnant moms as well.

3. Moringana capsules - Since mothers do most of the caring at home, it is vital we take care of our immune system to be at the pink of health. A tablet or two a day works wonders!

4. Samba EcoTote Bag - We moms love to dance our worries away! We play on some samba and dance like no one is watching, or perhaps with baby in sling for an exercise routine. This eco tote is so useful for the Sunday organic market, too!

5. Stockton Row jewelry - For date nights with the hubby, it's fun to dress up! Prettify mothers with Stockton row jewelry which you can stack up or use in single detail.

6. Gargoyle oil pulling tonic - We've discovered the amazing benefits of oil pulling and we urge every mom to do so first thing in the morning! Not only does it keep your teeth squeaky clean, it also give you energy for tasks ahead. Try it yourself :)

7. Coco Dolce Chocolates - Every woman loves a bar of chocolate! These local, artisenal, healthy chocolates are only sweetened with coconut sugar! The perfect indulgence without the guilt!

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