Monday, March 25

Go SurPH On April 6!

Our friends from Surfing Philippines are organizing an awesome event this summer!

Go SurPH! Is a non-profit campaign aimed at getting 1 Million Filipinos to try surfing once in their lives. 

The way we achieve that goal is through Go SurPH! Weekends: A weekend of Free surf lessons given to anyone who wants to give surfing a try. 

In order to do this, Surfing Philippines and Go SurPH! will raise funds which will be used to hire local surf instructors (+surfboards) who in turn will be giving surf lessons over the weekend; be it in La Union, Baler, Zambales, and many other surf spots as well. 

The more people there are who try out surfing, the more livelihood opportunities there will be for the local community and local surfers, the more commercial opportunities will grow for the surf industry, not to mention other businesses and companies.

The first National Go SurPH! Weekend will be held in San Juan (La Union) on the weekend of April 6, 2013. The campaign is spearheaded by our Surfing Philippines ambassadors Jericho Rosales, Mylene Dizon, Luke Landrigan, Lorraine Lapus, Buji Libarnes, Nikki Dela Paz and Jeff Ortega, as well as other prominent surfers and surf enthusiasts in the Philippines.

The Go SurPH! Weekend in La Union will roll-out as follows:
  • A Go SurPH! Launch party in Manila (The Fort/Bonifacio Global City area) on March 26 or April 2 (Tuesday).
  • April 5 (Friday): A motorcade/roadtrip of Land Rover vehicles from Manila to La Union joined by our surfing Philippines Ambassadors with surfboards strapped on to the vehicles.
  • April 6-7 (Saturday-Sunday): A weekend of free surf lessons on the main beach with our ambassadors giving lessons alongside our surf instructors.
  • Musical performances at Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa’s beachfront on Saturday night (April 6).
  • April 7 (Sunday): A beach clean-up involving the ambassadors, the local community, and all the participants.  
What's more is that our very own yogini, Monica Manzano, will be giving a FREE yoga class that weekend! Be sure to catch her there!

For more information, check out

Go on, get stoked this summer!


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