Sunday, July 29

FLOW in THE CITY Sponsor: Sunshine Daydream & Moringana

The FLOW girls have always been advocates of Green Smoothies and Raw Vegan Food we even had a 3D-2N full weekend of live nourishing foods catered by Bali-certified Raw Vegan chef, Asha Peri last Aug 2011. See official photos of that retreat here.

For our upcoming event this Saturday, FLOW in THE CITY, we've asked good friends Imee Contreras and Toni Bernardo of Sunshine Daydream to conduct the Green Smoothie Workshop for all of the attendees.

Photo taken from our last retreat in Baler

Our Green Smoothies are always powered by Moringana leaf capsules. They call malunggay the miracle plant in Bali because they believe that it can cure anything!

Sunshine Daydream will be selling some of their raw food snacks called Happy Trails: Langka Love, Going Banans and Mango Mama. They've got really witty names for all their products thanks to the creative genius tandem behind the brand.

Bring your kids as well so they can learn how to drink green smoothies, the HULK juice!

Santi Manzano enjoys a green smoothie made with love.

To register for FLOW in THE CITY, please click here or email us at

See you all there!

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