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Flow:SurfYogaSamba Goes To Baler!

Last April 28-30, the 7th Flow:SurfYogaSamba weekend was conducted in Aliya Surf Camp, Baler. The picturesque journey en route to Baler provided everyone photographic opportunities to marvel at nature’s backdrop as the sun was rising in the east.

When tummies started to grumble, Rawlicious green smoothies and Pipino vegetarian breakfasts were served to all participants for their fill of sun energy goodness. Upon arrival, organizers immediately gave out rooms, schedules for the surf, yoga and samba activities and Flow canvas eco totes by Luntian Bags with goodies from sponsors- event shirts from Bench, Belo Essentials SunExpert sunblock, Suncoast Lightwater & Vitamin Boost, Maven magazines, Urban Mom magazines, Moringana capsules and teas, Navi journals, Beyond Yoga passes and Yoga+, Browhaus and Paez shoes gift certificates.

Before hitting the waves, yoga classes were taught by Monica Eleazar-Manzano of Beyond Yoga with her guru, Clayton Horton of Greenpath Yoga.  Yoga helps open and warms up the whole body (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments) for surfing.  Clayton also led kirtan sessions as everyone sprawled on the grassy field of Aliya Surf Camp. Kirtan is an ancient participatory music experience which quiets the mind.

Participants from all ages enjoyed basking under the summer sun and hit the beginner-friendly waves in their O’Neill rashguards. Many were able to get up on their first sessions and learned the definition of ‘stoke’ - to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something.

A healthy boost is much needed in active weekends like Flow:SurfYogaSamba. An introduction to raw foods and green smoothie workshop by Imee Contreras of Sunshine Daydream illuminated the minds and hearts of all guests. Even the children enjoyed the yummy green ‘Hulk’ shakes!

DJ Martin Lugtu of Time increased vibrations in the air as he played his current playlist. Everyone mingled at the beach, bobbing their heads or dancing to the sound waves.

During sunset, Denise Gonzales of Escola de Samba de Manila performed and taught several dance sequences, while others learned basic drum beats under drum director, Toni Bernardo.

At night, premium prizes from sponsors were given out during social games – Lagu Beach blankets, Strip Manila products, Paez shoes, Staystix, Brown Belly beachwear, INDIGObaby and Dharma all-natural products.

After dinner, we did a small thai lantern lift off at the beach.

On the last day, participants went on a hike to a nearby waterfall! The scene was simply breathtaking!

Expect to see more of Flow:SurfYogaSamba weekend retreats around the country. The organizers have this vision of taking Flow:SurfYogaSamba to various places in the Philippines. “We want to increase awareness on how beautiful our country is to locals and foreigners. It truly is more fun in the Philippines! Soon, we will also include other destinations to our Flow:SurfYogaSamba weekend retreats that will include more activities”, says one of the organizers.

Here's a short video of our recent retreat in Baler!

Keep yourself informed on their upcoming retreats this September, October and November.

Instagram: flowsurfyogasamba

The 7th Flow:SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat is sponsored by Belo Essentials SunExpert, Moringana, Vitaminboost, Lightwater, O’Neill, Paez Shoes, Pipino Vegetarian, Rawlicious Super Green Smoothies, Beyond Yoga, Yoga+, Browhaus, Strip Manila, Lagu, Staystux, Belle du Jour Power Planners, Bench, Indigo Baby, Brown Belly, Maven Magazine and Mommy Mundo.

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